Fabrics are probably the most important aspects of fashion. Everybody wears fabrics daily and all different kinds at that. There are various types of fabrics from cotton to wool, all varying in different prices and textures.

                                        Cotton: is one of the most popular fabrics because it is used in so many different articles of clothing like shirts, pants, and jackets. When cotton is grown it is white, however, it can be dyed any color, making it a very versatile fabric to work with. Any piece of clothing can be made with cotton specifically because of its flexibility in color and it’s inexpensive prices. silk

Silk: is known to be the most luxurious fabric of them all, specifically because of its associations and price. It is a natural fiber that comes from a silkworm, giving it the velvety smooth texture it has.

Linen: who doesn’t love the feeling of linen in the hotter months with a hat and a cold drink in your hand? Linen is the lightest fabric that is natural and lightweight. As good as it feels on your body, it doesn’t always look the same. Linen has the ability to wrinkle in a matter of seconds, but most are willing to compromise for the fit and feel of it.

Polyester:polyester wasn’t always known to be the best fabric, however, it is resistant to creasing and keeps in pretty good shape, something you can’t say about all fabrics. It is made to withstand rougher treatment because it is linked together through a chemical process that binds many esters together.

Wool has to be one of the comfiest and softest fabrics, and that is because it comes from the hair or fur of various animals. It is a very resistant fabric that could sustain dirt and stretching, which makes it more desirable. It is perfect for the cold winter months when temps drop to the teens, but make sure you don’t wash it too much or it’ll shrink to a children’s size.